Quiz: What's your personality type?

Take this quick quiz and share your results! 


1. What's your personality type?

2. How accurate did you find the quiz?

3. How do you think this knowledge might be useful to you in the workplace?

*(For example, maybe you're in a career path that fits your type, but you require more autonomy or more structure to get things done.)*

1. The Commander

2. Very accurate

3. I think it's interesting to read this view point of the type of person I know I am. Obviously I know where my strengths and weaknesses are, but this was fun to see what I felt I was like show the same in a test.

1. The Consul

2. I feel like the quiz was pretty accurate with my personality.

3. I think this will be great to use at work, because it helped show things I might be intereted in, and excel at.

1. The logistician

2. Somewhat accurate - the intro and career/work parts were spot on, but the friendship and relationship info was a bit off.

3. It's helpful to know your tendencies in the workplace--knowing my areas of opportunity allows me to grow and self-correct when needed.


Pretty accurate, but some differences

Self awareness around direct reports, team members, leadership

1. Executive

2. So So

3. Only if workplace is based around creativity

1. Defender

2. Somewhat true

3. Honestly I already know this about myself and use it everyday.

1. the defender

2. Decently accurate

3. its good to see another descriton of how i sometimes respond to things to know how to handle situations.

The Architect, INTJ

Fairly accurate

I already knew my personality type it is illuminating.

The Consul

Somewhat accurate

Helps to confirm why I like my job!



reinforces self awareness

1. Executive.

2. Somewhat accurate.

3. It defines to communicate with others based on there traits.

1. Defender

2. Stangely quite accurate!

3. I think it's usefull information to have. Will likely use some of the comments to shape how I develop my skills.

1. The Commander

2. Pretty accurate

3. This kind of knowledge is very helpful in the workplace. My last place of employment, our department (small group) took the personality test to better assess what our strengths and weaknesses are.

1. The Entertainer

2. Pretty accurate - I may not be the center of attention but I definitely set the energy. (ESFPs get caught up in the excitement of the moment, and want everyone else to feel that way, too. No other personality type is as generous with their time and energy as ESFPs when it comes to encouraging others, and no other personality type does it with such irresistible style.)

3. This will help me at work because it reminds me why I put so much thought and passion behind each campaign.

1. The Consul

2. I found it to be fairly accurate.

3. It's helpful in the workplace because it shows you areas you could improve on.

1. Protagonist

2. Accurate

3.I know myself and I always ask feedback to others so it was interesting to get the confirmation of some aras with this tool.

1. The Protagonist

2. Accurate

3. I think it's interesting in terms of work as it makes you think about where some of your strengths may lie or how different attributes you have can be used in different situations.

ISFJ -T I took the Myers-Briggs 25 years ago and these results are different. I was off the charts extrovert, now introvert. Interesting and I think accurate. Helps at work because it confirms what I know my strengths and weaknesses to be.

I'm a Campaigner. It is somewhat accurate. I think it reflects a part of me that is most evident at work. I always find this kind of quiz helpful to relook at my approach to interacting with others. I find that over time I have developed strength in some of the areas that would appear as shortcomings in this personality type. For example, I don't prefer to do the detail work but I have become very good at details because I want a quality result.